MHEC offers a comprehensive range of
specialized services to faculty members in the
Middle East

MHEC Specialized Services for Faculty

The Ministry of Higher Education Commission offers numerous special services to the faculty members working at the various universities in the Middle East. These services help them to enrich their professional capabilities and recognition across the world.

Our Services

Research Travel Grant

MHEC's Travel Grant Program aims to provide the best opportunity that helps faculty members to further strengthen their academic and professional capabilities. These grants are given to all of the deserving faculty members from different universities in the Middle East. The program caters faculty and Ph.D. scholars with maximum financial assistance in terms of accessing the various expenses that incur while they travel for any type of research activity or international forums.

Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD)

MHEC’s Continuous Professional Development Program is dedicated to helping teachers from higher education institutions in the Middle East. Its primary objective is to provide them access to resourceful training sessions and workshops. These sessions enable them to instantly overcome any type of deficiencies that they suspect to be a weakness in their professional career. It includes open and customized seminars, courses, and workshops based on the universities’ stated proposals.